Learn more about how we are keeping our guests safe!

Our current operational processes have been approved by the State of Tenessee. Some of the changes we have made include the following:

  1. Disinfecting (with approved disinfectant) all bus seats, paddles, life jackets, helmets, and rafts after each use. Restrooms and all counters are disinfected frequently throughout each day.
  2. Adherence to social distancing recommendations at our check-in facility.
  3. Requiring completed waivers from home when guests check-in.
  4. Requiring guests to maintain social distancing during transport to and from the river by spacing out the seating arrangements. We are loading the bus inside from back to front so that rafters do not pass other rafters and staff. All windows on the bus are open for better air circulation.
  5. Mandatory temperature (touchless) checks upon arrival for all staff and rafters.
  6. Encouraging rafters to bring and wear their masks at our facility and on the bus ride to and from the river. We are providing personal ziplock bags for mask storage on the bus while you are on the river.
  7. Hand sanitizer is provided in several locations at our outpost.

For fewer crowds, weekdays (Monday, Thursday, and Friday) are great days to raft.

Whitewater Rafting COVID Procedure
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