Corporate Team Building Activities in Tennessee

Corporate team building activities with Ocoee Outdoors

In today’s business climate, small businesses are able to compete with even some of the Fortune 500 companies in the global market. The advancement of technology has allowed for anyone to venture into the market and find their own space. What happens then, when these companies have a team that, while successful financially, slowly falls apart due to crumbling intercompany relationships?

This is where Tennessee steps in. From Memphis to Chattanooga and Knoxville to Johnson City, we offer opportunities across the board to grow together as a company. Companies flock to Tennessee, not just for the lower corporate taxes, but also to grow their companies.

Top 5 Reasons Companies Go Whitewater Rafting as a Team-Building Activity in Tennessee

  1. Socializing and making friends in the workplace is one of the best ways to increase productivity in the office. Not only does it increase morale in the office, it also allows for the office to work together to better solve everyday workplace issues.
  2. Team building activities also improve workplace projects that involve teamwork. After completing team building activities together, individuals better understand their co-worker’s strengths, weaknesses, and interests. This understanding helps them work even better together on future projects vital to the company.
  3. Competition has been shown to increase production. So, by channeling that increased production into a fun, inclusive team building activity, employees can bond in a way that otherwise might not be possible.
  4. People tend to have a larger imagination when they are around people they are comfortable with. So, successful team building events not only bring people closer together but they also lead to free-flowing creative ideas that transfer back to the workplace. Like a coach has a team of highly capable assistants, everyday workplace collaboration is key to a successful business.
  5. To no surprise, improved communication and teamwork are a couple of the top reasons why business owners choose team building activities. Team building exercises encourage work environments where employees are happy to come to work and collaboration is seen as a driver of the company’s success.

Here are a few ideas of some Tennessee team building ideas:

Polaroid Scaventure

Take a trip down memory lane with a Polaroid Scaventure outdoor scavenger hunt game, a throwback to the days of the original classic instant camera! Capture your team on film while simultaneously exploring intriguing places and objects in the city or town you have chosen for your team photo scavenger hunt. Will your team choose the easy finds or the ones that are worth more points? Will you opt for the silly photos or the more serious ones? Whatever choices you make together as a group, camaraderie and teamwork will win every time!

This popular outdoor scavenger hunt game is cleverly disguised as pure fun, but there are countless lasting benefits your team will bring back to the workplace such as:

  1. Encouraging creativity
  2. Reinforcing company identity
  3. Celebrations
  4. Fun reward for a job well done

An absolute classic, and for a good reason. So, get out there and look for a better, stronger team!

Survey Says

This corporate trivia program is by far one of the most popular game show formats. Think team building version of Family Feud! How well do you know your co-workers, company and company culture? You’ll have a great time finding out with the Survey Says team building trivia activity.  Teams that play Survey Says, have 5 to 8 people per team. In most cases, teams play for approximately 15 minutes, and other teams are rotated through to maximize the number of people that get to play. There is usually a “championship round” at the end to determine the champion of the team building trivia activity.

Game questions can be unique to your organization (ESPN customized all their questions based on an actual company survey) or mix company-specific questions with other fun general-knowledge categories. Through this activity there are a few skills that can be gained:

  1. Requires group to work as a team to solve problems
  2. Re-enforces company policies, product knowledge, and procedures.
  3. Builds communication skills
  4. Builds camaraderie and trust

A sure-fire winner, the Survey Says corporate trivia program works extremely well between courses of your company dinner, holiday party or as a stand-alone company event.


Ocoee River Rafting tn, team building activities

Raft Rendezvous

This is something to get the adrenaline pumping. Bring your team out to Ocoee, TN and experience something you will never forget. Whitewater rafting on the historic Ocoee river builds any team up and brings them closer together. You’ll experience class III and IV whitewater rapids as you venture down the same river that hosted the 1996 Olympics. This two-hour ride gives ample time for your team to bond and get to know one another, and the river, better than ever. Here at Ocoee Outdoors, we have the most seasoned guides to ensure a safe and fun atmosphere for the whole team. We offer unique opportunities on the river not offered by other outfitters so you get to experience more on and off the river.

A ride with us down the Ocoee offers your team:

  1. Teamwork as you work together the entire time
  2. Communication improvements developed on the river
  3. Bonding between your team
  4. Confidence to tackle challenges head-on
  5. Responsibility to take care of each other on the river

This activity will definitely get your team’s feet wet to better build your relationships with one another and turn your team into pros by rafting with the pros.

Team building is crucial to ensuring a lasting and thriving company life. This is what Tennessee is able to offer to your team. The day to day work grind can lead to unhappy employees and stagnant production. Take the proactive approach before this stagnation kicks in and becomes a part of your company culture. It’s time to get messy and really shake things up on your team! We can’t think of a better place to accomplish this than right here in Tennessee!

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