Ocoee River Rafting – Saturdays Are For The Boys

Your Ocoee Rafting Adventure Getaway Guide: For the Boys

Let’s face it, women tend to dominate travel decisions and planning. If you and your friends are looking for a guy’s trip, father-son adventure, or bachelor party idea, we have you covered here at Ocoee Outdoors! Looking for rafting near Atlanta? We are only an hour and a half away. How about rafting near Chattanooga? Yup, less than an hour. If you are looking to escape Nashville, TN for the weekend, we are a scenic 3-hour drive away!

Everyone needs a break from reality to get away and do some self-pampering, bringing some friends along makes it even better. Life get’s hectic especially when you throw in kids, work, school, or even all three! Take a break, de-stress from your busy schedule and get out with some of your guys for an Ocoee River Rafting trip!

Why go rafting on the Ocoee River?

  • #1 ranked whitewater rafting destination in the US!
  • Rafting near you! Only 1.5 hours from Atlanta, less than an hour from Chattanooga, and 3 hours from Nashville.
  • Up to 6 hours of adrenaline-pumping rapids on one trip!
  • Need more reasons? Read our top 5 reasons to go Ocoee River rafting!Where to stay near the ocoee river, lake ocoee inn

Where to stay near the Ocoee River?

Other Activities For Guy’s Weekend

Don’t Miss These Hidden Gems Near the Ocoee!

Special Events to Combo Your Rafting Trip With:


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