5 Reasons To Go Ocoee River Rafting

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You Haven’t Rafted Until You’ve Rafted the Ocoee River!

There are countless reasons to visit Tennessee. For whitewater enthusiasts, however, number one on the list has got to be rafting the Ocoee River. The top river rafting destination in the United States, the Ocoee River is an adventure you simply must experience. Here are our top five reasons raft the Ocoee River:

  1. The Ocoee River is the number one whitewater rafting river destination in the U.S.
  2. Whitewater rafting the Ocoee River is affordable for the whole family.
  3. The Ocoee River is home of the 1996 Summer Olympic Whitewater Games.
  4. You can raft the Ocoee River nearly every day during whitewater rafting season.
  5. When you raft the Upper and Middle Ocoee River, you can get a solid six hours of whitewater rafting excitement!

5. ) Up to 6 Hours of Whitewater Rafting Excitement

When you raft the Upper and Middle Ocoee, you can get a solid six hours of river rafting in one trip. That’s almost a full day of non-stop whitewater action!

4.) You Can Raft the Ocoee River Almost Every day

The Ocoee River is open for business 6 days a week (Saturday through Monday) from Memorial Day through Labor Day. This gives you and your friends plenty of time to get on the water during whitewater rafting season.

3.) Raft Like an Olympian on the Olympic Ocoee River

The Ocoee River was the home of the 1996 Summer Olympic Whitewater Games. The Ocoee is the only natural river used in both Olympic canoe and kayak events.

2.) Affordable Rafting for the Whole Family

The Middle Ocoee is a family-fit adventure, perfect for ages 12 and up. With over 20 Class III and IV Rapids and all your equipment included, this half day trip is not only a crowd pleaser but it’s easy on your wallet too.

1.) #1 Whitewater Rafting Destination in the U.S.

The Ocoee River is ranked #1 by the American Outdoors Association as a destination for whitewater rafting in the United States.

So what are you waiting for?

Grab your fellow whitewater lovers and plan your Ocoee white water adventure today!

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You tells great about the ocoee river. A river which full with adventurous, nature. you always love to raft in ocoee river and think to raft and raft till end.

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